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How would you define a good tea?

That was the question given to a Chinese national tea taster - Mr Liu Xu. He has been working in the tea industry for 23 years.

Well, his answer to the question was: "The tea that you like is a good tea. A good tea is the tea that is at hand when you are thirsty. A good tea brings you all the joy of nature. A good tea lifts your spirits and fills you with enthusiasm." I would say his answer was incredibly accurate. There is such a great variety of tea that is hard to choose a best tea out of all. There is no such thing as a best tea in my opinion. The only exception being, when you feel it is the best tea in terms of how much joy and happiness it brings you when drinking it.

So, if you feel like a dose of happiness and enthusiasm then have a look at Our Teas, maybe you will get inspired and will find your perfect cup of tea today!

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