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26 High Street, Arundel, West Sussex

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We love tea. 

All types. A good English breakfast or perhaps a lemon and ginger just after getting up to get the circulation pumping.

We love whites, blacks, greens, fruit blends and herbal infusions. We’ve created nationally recognised award winning blends after only 3 years in the business! 


We love to travel too. So we’re reminded of our travels through India with our Regal Chai, or our time in Ethiopia with our Violet and Cardamon.

Tea is so convivial. Whenever we invite someone in, we always offer them a cup of tea. It’s a great British tradition. It’s kind of a defacto Club rule of Great Britain! And what else do you offer?! Well a biscuit of course...


 And so just five years ago The Tea and Biscuit Club was born.

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"Globally sourced tea presented in English manner, and the fine locality of Arundel. A warm and earnest passion for tea from the founder offers the best introduction to each quality guaranteed special blend."

                                                                                                          Arthur Yang   (6 January 2016)

"Lovely shop, lovely service and delicious tea. I can't wait to try more"

                                                                                                          Shelley Taylor (4 March 2016)

"Lovely service, Great recommendations... Fabulous tasting tea. Thank you very much."

                                                                                                          Keely Roanne (31 October 2017)

"Wow, what a shop. Just happened to pass shop on day out. Brill owners, very friendly & so knowledgeable. Thank you for your time today. (Writing this whilst drinking Blueberry & Elderflower Muffin Tea.)"

                                                                                                          Heather Springham (31 October 2017)

"Until this afternoon, I had never been to Arundel and to the Tea and Biscuit Club. Both are now on my "Best of 2017" list. Amazing teas! I have not stopped drinking the Rooibos and Rhubarb one since I got back home from my little road trip! I wish you were just around the corner!!"

                                                                                                          Ludmila Gerring (30 December 2017)

"Excellent selection of Teas, really friendly and knowledgeable staff. Definitely recommend the Chai."

                                                                                                          Luke Alderson  (12 August 2016)

"This is a lovely shop that stocks everything for the tea drinker, the staff are both charming and knowledgable . The product range is diverse and the tea's we bought were delicious." 

                                                                        Trip Advisor  (3 February 2019)

"What a find!! Wonderful tea and even more wonderful customer service. So very glad you have arrived; I look forward to visiting again soon."

                                                                                                          Leiza Bladd-Symms (20 October 2015)

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