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Who doesn't love tea? And we love Arundel!

We’ve travelled to over 90 countries during the last 20 years to seek inspiration for our blends.

All 60 blends, from our great tasting English Breakfast to our Turmeric Vanilla Chia or Tropical Oolong have a story behind our inspiration.

We love whites, blacks and green teas, fruit blends and herbal infusions and we’ve been recognised nationally by winning 4 Great Taste Awards.

We work closely with small businesses within our local community and have strong ties to schools in Africa, particularly in Zambia.

We are proud to have our tea served at Arundel Castle and Goodwood Hotel , and some notable premium restaurants in Arundel.

We find tea very convivial, so whenever we invite someone over we always offer them a cup of tea. It’s a great British tradition. It’s kind of a defacto Club rule of Great Britain, especially in this difficult times. And what else do you offer? Well a good biscuit of course...

And that is how The Tea and Biscuit Club was founded.

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Tea Tasting in the Walkie Talkie building in London

Visiting a tea plantation in Kenya

Creating our logo

The Tea and Biscuit family
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