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Education in Africa

One of the schools I worked at just outside of Malindi, Kenya.

Here was a great literacy and numeracy project, but one of the resounding memories are the children talking pigeon Italian to me! It’s a tropical paradise lying on the Indian ocean, yet just inland there is poverty but great hope for a better future.

An hour outside of Harare, Zimbabwe. One of the few countries in Africa I feel is going backwards. Infrastructure failing and teachers in many cases not being paid. That and the rule of law constantly being challenged. Yet the children want to learn, want a future. I stood onstage speaking to 800 children trying to offer as much hope I could. I felt helpless.

In Beirut, working with the Ministry of Education I’ll never forget the edgy excitement of being there only offset by the fabulous relaxed atmosphere of eating in the hills or drinking tea downtown near the harbour. One of the highlights, after a day of Lebanese negotiation, was tea at Laduree. Yes, I now know there are all over the world but it was a very special occasion nonetheless!

Back in 2009, working with Lagos county Education Ministry. It was my first time in Africa. A trip I’ll never forget. Fabulous people, amazing warmth and energy, but I got a very dodgy tummy and was served a herbal tea, that to this day I don’t know what was in it…. But it did the trick.

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