T&B Coconut Truffle
A wonderfully indulgent tea almost calorie free. Rich and fragrant Sri Lankan black tea blended with delightfully fresh coconut, creating warm chocolate and coconut in a cup. 

Served black this tea blend is a slightly bitter after dinner Bourneville, add milk and a dash of honey and it's an opulent sweet and creamy tea, that tastes just like a coconut choconut cream truffle!
Allow one teaspoon to infuse for 3 minutes. Indulgent, smooth with coconut and chocolate aftertone. This blend should be enjoyed with or without milk and a small spoon of honey.
Some of our customers add a teaspoon of rum in winter for some added extravagance.
Years of Industry Experience, we’ve travelled to over 90 countries far and wide to source our blends.

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Coconut Truffle