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Genmaicha, also referred to as Popcorn Tea, is a traditional Japanese drink featuring Sencha green tea and toasted rice; our version of genmaicha marries these ingredients with cocoa nibs, jasmine blossom and rose petals for a hearty and comforting blend.


The tea offers a lovely vegetal green flavour, indicative of Japan's steaming process, which is balanced by the nutty, buttery flavour imparted by the toasted rice, with added sweet, floral notes provided by jasmine blossoms and rose petals. This combination is earthy and soothing to the soul.


There are numerous health benefits to this genmaicha, with green tea being full of antioxidants which are proven to lower blood pressure. It also contais L-theanine, which elevates dopamine and serotonin within the brain - these neurotransmitters are essential for regulating mood, sleep, appetite, energy, and cognition!

Allow one teaspoon to infuse for three minutes. This blend should preferably be enjoyed without milk, and is best enjoyed warm - not hot.

Popcorn Tea

  • Japanese Sencha Green Tea (44%), Toasted Rice, Cocoa Nibs, Jasmine Blossom, Rose Petals

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