T&B Regal Chai
A wonderful warming chai blending Indian Assam and aromatic, invigorating spices. Spicy ginger enhanced with peppery cloves, warm cinnamon and fragrant cardamom make this an unforgettably enjoying blend. Whilst enjoying this blend you'll discover a delicious explosion of aromatic and warming spices. This bold, regal blend is inspired by traditional Indian Masala teas. We find a cup of this in the morning with some milk and honey keeps you going for hours.

Allow one teaspoon to infuse for 3 minutes. Alternatively place one teaspoon and a cold cup of water in a pan and bring to the boil. Stir and boil for one minute, then drain as usual. This blend should preferably be enjoyed with milk and some honey, in India they use condensed milk!
Years of Industry Experience, we’ve travelled to over 90 countries far and wide to source our blends.

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There are many different ways to enjoy our Regal Chai.

Steep for a little longer than usual, allowing the ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and red peppercorns to spice up your Assam tea base.

The Arundel ‘husbandry’ way is to add milk and honey, especially after a long cycle or walk in winter. It warms the body and bones, keeping me fed and going for a few hours, when normally I’d get hungry very quickly. Faye tends to have our Regal Chai on its’ own with a splash of oat milk.

The Irani chai way uses condensed milk. Sweet and milky, it’s best for dunking anything freshly baked. #Iranichai

The Badshahi chai way is served with a much higher proportion of milk in a much larger glass.


The Doodhpati way is strong chai is steeped 100% milk, no water…


We learnt in India of Noon chais, when a pinch of salt is added. So no milk, no sugar or honey, just some salt, it’s a spicy black tea which is quite refreshing in the heat of an Indian summer at 40+ degrees. #noonchai

Kitchen chai is what’s closest to what I have at home. Very strong, very sweet. Almost like a pudding. #kitchenchai


And finally, a Khada chamuch. Too much for the family. Soo sweet that your spoon stands up in the cup.  #khadachamuch

Regal Chai

  • Indian Assam Black Tea (55%), Spices (45%) (Ginger, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Cloves, Red Peppercorns)