This is a family favourite.

It's a strong black tea but with a sweet, fruity caramel smell of vanilla, pumpkin, fennel and liquorice. Brew for a minute or so it’s caramel in flavour, brew for 3 minutes and the liquorice and vanilla come through. Served black or with milk. Strong notes of apple and vanilla, this is the ideal pick-me-up for both autumn and winter, especially on a rainy day! Comforting, smooth sweetness, this can be enjoyed with or without milk. Have a taste and let us know what you think?!

Sustainably Sourced from Tea Plantations and Gardens around the world.

Allow one teaspoon to infuse for 3 minutes, with or without milk Years of Industry Experience, we’ve travelled to over 90 countries far and wide to source our blends.

Sweet Pumpkin