Our Club Turkish Delight Tea blend
This was our first Great Taste award winner. You’ll find it rich and very fragrant. This blends aromatic rose petals with creamy cocoa shells, fruity strawberry, bright lemon peel and a hint of sweet vanilla. Indulgence in a cup! It’s simply sumptuous.
Allow one teaspoon to infuse for 3 minutes. Indulgent, smooth with cocoa shells and rose. This blend can be enjoyed with or without milk and a small spoon of honey.
And if you must cocktail....

½ of Turkish delight tea, ice cold

½ lemon or lime

45 ml vodka

3 tsp white crème de cacao

3 tsp good-quality rose syrup 2-3 drops rosewater

To garnish: rose petals 

Turkish Delight

  • Black Tea (78%) (Chinese Black Tea, Sri Lankan  Black Tea), Cocoa Shells, Rose Petals, Lemon Peel, Papaya Pieces (Papaya, Sugar),  Strawberry Pieces, Vanilla Pieces, Blackberry Leaves, Lime Leaves, Natural Flavouring