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A new leaf

Updated: Apr 15, 2018

“A new leaf”, that was the title that first came to mind when I decided to start this blog, or more precisely to share the many stories about tea and my tea boutique.

I hope the stories I am going to share overtime will make you smile, warm your heart, or make you love tea even more.

How much do you know about your daily cup of tea?

Fear not, even if you don’t know a lot, today’s story will be about the journey that it takes you to a perfect cup of tea. Looking back at the history of tea, I feel that nowadays this great beverage is being taken for granted. This thought was recently shared in the Waitrose magazine (Feb/March 2018)

“Tea – a commodity so valued that was smuggled across continents when it was first discovered, gradually became less special, and then, in the second half of the 20th century, tea bags took over and we never looked back”

Well perhaps we should look back, somehow?!   Tea bags do not do justice to the real flavour and taste of a good cup of tea. However, seeing how more and more people are going back to drinking loose leaf tea gives me hope that the hard work to create a perfect cup of tea will not go to waste!

So, where does the tea come from? 

There are hundreds of tea plantations around the world, normally in Equatorial regions. Most of the tea comes from India, Sri Lanka, China, Kenya, Malawi and Indonesia. There are many different types of tea (e.g. black tea, green tea, white tea etc.), but they all come from the same plant called Camellia Sinensis. The tea leaves are hand-plucked (just the top two tea leaves and the bud are needed). Imagine the hard work!

To be continued…

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