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Green Tea Cocktails for All Seasons

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Whatever the weather, the versatile profile of green tea has got you covered. The subtle flavor, coupled with its delicate green hue, and the addition of caffeine, are all welcome lifts to your preferred cocktail.

Spring: Green Tea Gimlet

The grassy tones of green tea are delightfully light and crisp when combined with the familiar botanical flavors imparted by gin.

Summer: Green Tea Mojito

Refreshing lime and mint unify flawlessly with the bittersweet notes of green tea to create a beverage that keeps spirits high on a bright, summer’s day.

Autumn: Green Tea Highball

The earthy, vegetal hints of green tea come through in perfect harmony with the smoky, malty foundation of whisky.

Winter: Green Tea Hot Toddy

A little lemon, sugar and vodka highlight the buttery quality of green tea – resulting in warm and comforting drink that is ideal for a cozy night in.

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