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Ice Tea

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

If you love tea, but you don't find it refreshing when the sun is shining brightly outside, why not try iced tea? Iced tea can be incredibly refreshing on a hot summer's day.

Many people are wondering if they can make ice tea using their regular tea. I would say it doesn't work with all of teas. However, we have created some amazing blends to make ice tea with. Citrus Cooler, Spanish Orange and Copacabana are ice teas that were created a year ago but are still going strong until this day. All of these teas are a refreshing perfection when served iced on a warm summer’s day. Of course, you can drink them hot as well, as they taste nice both ways. You can find all these teas on 'Our Teas' page.

lime leaves, orange peel, lemongrass, chinese sencha green tea, hibiscus, rosehip
Citrus Cooler

chinese green tea, orange peel, hibiscus, rosehip
Spanish Orange

fruit infusion, passionfruit, pineapple, papaya, liquorice

So how do you actually make ice tea?

We will share three different methods you can use to make your own amazing ice tea for the summer.

1. You can use your usual brewing method, using hot water. Let the tea cool down and then add ice to it. Simple and easy!

2. Add cold water on the tea leaves and let the tea brew in the fridge from 3 to 12 hours. The flavours of the tea are released nicely when using this brewing method. The downside of this method could be the amount of time it takes to make, but the final result is incredibly satisfying.


3. You can make a concentrated amount of tea and then add it to iced water.

Any of these methods could be used to add a bit of energy in your life on a warm summer's day!

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