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Jasmine Green Tea

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Most tea aficionados are already aware of the heap of health benefits a cup of green tea has to offer, they have been reported on time and time again, making it even more deserving of its healthy ‘green’ name.

But what is it about green tea that makes it so good for you? Green tea contains many nutrients, including antioxidants which can have a positive effect on your health by increasing metabolism and supporting the immune system. It’s also said to play a role in helping brain function due to its L-theanine content.

So, now we know why we should drink it, let me introduce our Jasmine Green Tea: a simple, delicate and floral tea that is smooth and easy on the palate.

Nothing more than Chinese tea infused with the intricate petals of jasmine flowers, this brew is the perfect way to kick start your day. A caffeine boost that can help improve digestion, immunity and cognition! Studies have shown that the most ideal time to drink green tea is first thing in the morning, or just before a workout.

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