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Roasted Apple and Hazelnut

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

While it can be said that generally our teas can be enjoyed at any time of year, some may give a nod to specific seasons or festivities. For example, you might associate our ‘Sweet Pumpkin’ tea with Halloween, or ‘Mulled Wine’ with Christmas.

Often referred to as the ‘The Proust Effect’, our taste buds can pick up on these distinctive flavours that send us to another place or time in our memories. Our hippocampus (the memory centre of the brain) is highly connected to our senses - this primitive wiring has developed from an evolutionary survival imperative. For me, the first sip of our roasted apple and hazelnut transported me to a windy, autumnal day where the air noticeably cools and the fruits of trees have fallen to the ground, leaving them bare.

As a rooibos tea, this blend is naturally caffeine-free, anti-inflammatory and a digestive aid. The warming tones of cinnamon and cardamom sing loudly, while the sweet nuttiness of caramelized hazelnuts and added freshness of lime leaves unify to create a smell and taste similar to that of a toffee apple.

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