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A Brief History of Russian Caravan

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Russian caravan is a distinctively smokey tea, typically blended with lapsang souchong (a smoke-dried black tea) and oolong (a partially oxidised Chinese tea). Its name is in reference to the use of camel caravans for the transcontinental trade of tea during the 18th century, which took tea from India and China to Europe via Russia. This arduous journey was said to take at least six months and spanned approximately six thousand miles.

It was colloquially thought that the smoked nature of the tea originated from campfire proximity the tea leaves were exposed to each night over the course of this voyage. Our Russian caravan is comprised of 80% Taiwanese Formosa oolong, and 20% lapsang souchong. Individually, the Formosa oolong offers light, fruity and smooth flavour, while the lapsang souchong imparts an idiosyncratic smokiness.

Add Russian caravan to your hot toddy for a remedy that warms and comforts; or try out this interesting cocktail:

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