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Turmeric Vanilla Chai

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

‘Chai’ is the Hindi word for ‘tea’, deriving from the Mandarin ‘cha’. Masala chai refers to a beverage, typically black tea, mixed with various spices and finished with milk to create a smooth, fiery drink.

We have made ours with rooibos, which itself is warm, nutty and smooth. This winning blend adds turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, fennel, and a dash of chilli, for an extra kick.

The main nutritional benefit of rooibos tea lies in its rich antioxidant content and source of some unique polyphenols, including aspalathin. These protective plant compounds are thought to help protect against free radical damage that leads to conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. Some studies suggest that ginger and turmeric help to decrease markers of inflammation, relieve chronic pain, reduce nausea, and improve immune function.

Generally, we think of chai as being a milky drink - this one, however, serves well with or without milk, depending on your mood!

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