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Jasmine Green Tea and its benefits

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Jasmine Green Tea is a Chinese green tea delicately infused with the intoxicating floral taste of jasmine. Our Jasmine Green Tea comes from one of the oldest tea producing regions in the world, the Fujian province in China. There is still ongoing research on the benefits of green tea and the effects it can have on your health, but one thing is certain, green tea is full of antioxidants which are a natural defender against free radicals, such as aging, heart disease and cancer.

Image: Our Jasmine Green Tea

Jasmine Green Tea is known to be good at improving blood circulation, thus reducing the chances of a heart attack. A study to support this statement was conducted at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2000. The study found that the epicatechins (compounds of Jasmine Green Tea) helped with blood circulation, allowing it to flow more easily.

Jasmine Flowers

So, how does the Jasmine Green Tea get its floral taste?

The preparation of flower-scented tea traditionally involves the use of a layered dryer in which rows of flowers are alternated with rows of tea leaves. Good quality of flowers and lots of care is needed to get the right balance between the slight bitterness of the tea and the fragrance of the flowers. This layered dryer is heated to a temperature of 40 degrees, in order for the leaves to absorb the perfume of the jasmine flowers (or any other flowers used). This process is repeated four to eight times depending on the intensity of the aroma desired. At the interval of 12 hours, the flowers get changed and new ones are used to get the perfect quality of a floral tea.

If you would like to have a nice and healthy cup of tea check our Jasmine Green Tea here.

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