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Moroccan Mint

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Mint tea is a signature beverage of Morocco. It is not just another drink, it is a sign of hospitality, friendship and tradition. Moroccan Mint tea has been drunk in Marrakesh and beyond since the 19th century. Our Moroccan Mint Tea is a magnificent blend of a robust Chinese Pinhead Gunpowder green tea with cooling flavours of peppermint and spearmint. This combination works amazingly well together creating a refreshing beverage that takes you to the heart of Marrakesh. It is a soothing yet invigorating blend that I find is very nice drunk cold as well.

So, why not try and make your own Moroccan Mint iced tea?

It is actually very simple to make it! You can brew your tea as you normally do, let it cool down and enjoy your nice cold cup of tea. To add a little bit of sweetness to your day you could also add sugar or honey to your Moroccan Mint tea.

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