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Maltravers Street Story

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Working in a tea boutique is a fascinating thing to do. You get to meet so many different people with so many stories to share and, of course, with a special love for tea. Therefore, if you take the time to exchange a few nice words with them, you find out so many interesting things and stories. Over time, I would love to share some of these interesting stories on this blog.

Recently, about a week ago, a very nice Hungarian lady came looking for a special, caffeine-rich infused tea– Yerba Mate. Mate is a traditional South American infused drink that was first consumed by the indigenous Guaraní. Unfortunately for the lady, we didn’t stock this particular tea (we will do soon!), so I suggested to her to try some of our really nice, strong teas, rich in caffeine. In the end, she liked quite a few of our infusions and she decided to take with her three of our blends, Blue Lady, Apple and Elderflower and Marzipan Fruits (you can check them out here).

While talking to her, she told me she comes from a different town and came to visit some friends in Arundel. She left the shop with three of our teas a very happy lady. A couple of hours later the same lady came back and said that she had gifted those teas to the friends she was visiting and came to buy some more tea for herself this time.

Some time has passed since then and today a gentleman came to the shop saying: “I have a terrible confession to make..” and he continued: “I have lived in Arundel for nearly 30 years and I love tea, but this is the first time I am visiting your shop. I am really sorry”. Then he said that a friend of his came to visit him a few days ago and brought some tea with her and he and his wife enjoyed the tea so much that he has decided to come and get some more. When he said those words, I remembered the Hungarian lady straight away. I asked him if it was a Hungarian lady who gave him the tea and he was extremely surprised to hear that and said it was the lady indeed. What a crazy small world! He was very pleased with the Blue Lady, which was extremely nice for us to hear. He took with him some of the Blue Lady and also added to his new collection a spicy tea - Regal Chai. We had a nice conversation and we hope to see him back in our shop soon. These kind of stories make me extremely happy to work in such a great environment surrounded by amazing scented tea blends and surrounded by amazing people with a story to share.

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