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Ways of enjoying a traditional Indian Chai

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

There are a huge varieties of Chai, but the kind we sell in our shop and online is a spicy sweet Chai you would normally find in street stalls in India. These are called ‘tapris’, normally poured by chaiwalas,

Men and teenage boys with great dexterity and skill pour the tea from arms-length into a small, stout glass. The power mix of milk, sugar, spices and caffeine is what keeps most Indian cities running. It’s their version of Red Bull.

Below are some of the many different ways to enjoy our Regal Chai (see product).

Steep for a little longer than usual, allowing the ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and red peppercorns to spice up your Assam tea base.

The Arundel ‘husband’ way is to add milk and honey, especially after a long cycle or walk in winter. It warms the body and bones, keeping me fed and going for a few hours, when normally I’d get hungry very quickly. Faye tends to have our Regal Chai (see product) on its’ own with a splash of oat milk.

The Irani Chai way uses condensed milk. Sweet and milky, it’s best for dunking anything freshly baked.

The Badshahi Chai way is served with a much higher proportion of milk in a much larger glass.

The Doodhpati way is strong Chai is steeped 100% milk, no water…

We learnt in India of Noon Chai(s), when a pinch of salt is added. So no milk, no sugar or honey, just some salt, it’s a spicy black tea which is quite refreshing in the heat of an Indian summer at 40+ degrees.

Kitchen Chai is what’s closest to what I have at home. Very strong, very sweet. Almost like a pudding. 

And finally, a Khada chamuch. Too much for the family. Sooo sweet that your spoon stands up in the cup. That’s how I prefer an after dinner espresso in Italy.

Out in Mumbai, I’d had so much chai, who needed to get an early night?

There is so much energy in India, and as I walked on my own and lost myself I was often greeted warmly by locals and served chai by strangers.

And sat in ‘the chair’ of Indias version ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’!

Following a late night, with very little sleep, I got to go back stage at Indias Got Talent!

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